Looking for a Last-Minute Super Bowl Ticket? That’ll Be $2,900.

This Super Bowl may be a tossup, but as the game approaches, ticket prices are falling. The cheapest ticket available Sunday morning on StubHub was $2,900, down from $3,200 a day earlier, and that price had been decreasing all week.

By most standards, that’s still a lot of money for a ticket. But a decline in prices might have to do with the teams in Sunday’s game. Kansas City is playing in its third Super Bowl in four years, and Philadelphia is playing for a title for the second time in five years. Many of their well-heeled fans have seen their team play for the Lombardi Trophy, and may be sitting this one out.

There is also a feeding frenzy after the Super Bowl teams qualify, as ticket holders and ticket brokers try to make a bundle reselling their ducats on StubHub and other sites. Then the prices dip, and in the days and hours before the game kicks off, bargain hunters with several thousand dollars to spare jump in.

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